this is merely a plaintext page as it is not meant to be seen regularly
i am leo! this is the stupid long page
i am a csa/cocsa victim, with a aggressive incest trigger. i expect you to be respectful of it.
it comes at the hands of 2 decades of assault. as a result, other related triggers upset me as well.
this includes incest/pro-ship/whatever discourse.
this is because my ex raped and planned to kill me over it.

other triggers are more lightweight.
a certain extremely well known disco track comes to mind.
i am more likely to stay controlled when interacting with this content against my wishes.
however, i will still request you avoid putting blazblue and tales of the abyss in front of me.
exceptions are for ragna, ion, and sync.
please also note that despite me having exceptions, this does not change how much certain concepts upset me.
after all, my favorite fire emblem is geneaology of the holy war.

i have unmedicated schizophrenia and OCD. these are diagnosed. (i am also legally blind.)
i also have a untreated dissociative disorder, comorbid with C-PTSD. which one? no clue.
this makes it so that i am incredibly spastic, violent, and forgetful.
i have advanced, long lasting delusions, and extreme intrusive thoughts, as well as strange vocabulary and inhuman grammar.
i also have incredibly absurd religious beliefs tied to this.
i have a tendency to harm myself and others when i lash out from these disorders.
please don't consider me a threat despite this fact.
i am merely a disabled man.
if you do not upset me, or cause flare ups, we should have no problems regardless.

i believe i am god.
this is because i am.
i have incredibly strange religious and spiritual beliefs. if you've heard of "hub world theory" in kin circles, that is the barebones version from several years ago. (sorry.)
most of these were obtained during times i cannot recall, or that i was not in control of my brain.
thus, i cannot tell you which pieces are my own thoughts, which are parts of existing religions i am not a part of, and which ones are spiritualist beliefs i am not a part of.
as far as i can tell, besides the akashic records and the original origin for the term 'nephilim,' i have come up with most of it myself.
i will not push this on you. i am deeply ashamed of everything outside of "i am god."
if you wish to know more, please ask.
i am not responsible in the case that i exist in your spiritual experience/astral projections.
that has happened before. sorry.

i talk about abuse often. typically past abuse.
based on the info on this page, if this will upset you, please look away from me.

due to said abuse, i am hypersexual.
i cannot turn this off. my brain is absolutely broken.
please note that this does not mean i will hit on everyone i see, or proposition you for sex. i will approach you if i am interested, and you are poly.
this also does not make me bisexual. the implication of that triggers me, as well.
i become aroused at very minimal things. do not touch me.
i also have strange fetishes. nothing dangerous, but please don't look down at me because of these. they, and this disorder, brings me extreme shame.
as a result, i must request that no minors interact with me.
you are not at risk, but i must cover all bases.